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Using the time tested arts of Ninpo, Ninjutsu, Jujutsu, Taijiquan (Tai Chi), Qigong, Yoga and Amatsu Tatara, The Harukaze Dojo is dedicated to transforming the lives of its students and clients. Through its unwavering commitment to deliver innovative education, solutions and tools, the Harukaze Dojo produces Remarkable Results and Invaluable Benefits as Quickly as Possible. I have been extremely fortunate in that my Instructors have opened many doors for me in my life; and I feel honor bound to try and do the same for whoever asks me.

Starting with the demand to leave our mother's womb against our will, life presents us with choices not of our making; and much too often, not of our liking. How we deal with these choices will be determined by what is in our Hearts and by how strong our Will Power is.

In my Humble opinion, being a True Spiritual Warrior has nothing to do with Violence and Fighting; but, it may include having to do battle and to fight for What is Right. Becoming a True Spiritual Warrior is about deveopling the Wisdom, Strength and Skills needed to let things unfold "The Way They Should." Not the way we would like; but, The Way according to The Principles Which Guide All of Creation. Of course, sometimes "Things" need some help in order to unfold "The Way They Should"; and that is when knowledge of Martial Arts may come in handy! However, True Wisdom and Compassion must be available and used in making such decisions.

Gary Giamboi, Kyoshi


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