I am one of Soke Tanemura's personal students. In 1988, I met and began to study Ninpo, Jujutsu and Qigong with Soke ( Grandmaster) Shoto Tanemura. From 1992 to 1995, with Soke's direct permission, I studied under Ron Tosen Shihan (Master) and Shibu-cho of the Genbukan Tokyo Shibu Dojo. I studied under Ron Shihan until my Sandan in Ninpo Taijutsu. And just as Soke intended, Ron Shihan was extremely influential in my development.

My years with Soke Tanemura have been filled with wonder, learning and growth. Without his guidance, I would not be the person I am today. He has trained my heart and mind, as well as, my body. He has shown me how to be a better human being, as well as, a much better Martial Artist. Further, I believe without Tanemura Sensei's guidance and nurturing, I would never have met my other teachers; and, even if somehow I did, I would not have qualified for the gifts they have also given me.

I have received the following titles and certificates from Grandmaster Tanemura:

• Kyoshi (Teaching Master)
Genbukan World Ninpo Bugei Federation and Kokusai Jujutsu   Renmei Shibu-cho of New York
Ryokudan (6th Degree Black Belt) GWNBF Ninpo Taijutsu
Nanadan (7th Degree Black Belt) KJJR Jujutsu
Okuden level (equivalent to 8th Dan) -
 Asayama Ichiden Ryu Taijutsu
Chuden level Biken-jutsu
  (Secret Sword Fighting Techniques)
Shoden (equivalent to 3rd Dan) level Bo-jutsu
  (6ft & 3ft Staff Techniques)

Shoden Menkyo level Gyokko Ryu
Shoden Menkyo level Shinden Fudo Ryu
Shoden Menkyo level Shinden Tatara Ryu
Shoden Menkyo level Koto Ryu
Shoden Menkyo level Naginata Jutsu
2nd Kyu (Teaching Certificate) level Chugoku Kenpo


Qigong  & Chinese Martial Arts

In 1991, I was extremely fortunate to have received permission from Tanemura Sensei to Study Chinese Martial Arts. After looking for many months, I found and was accepted as a student by the late Master Chen Wei Gun in Qigong and the Chinese Internal Martial Art of Taijiquan.

I am Master Chen's most senior student and second highest ranked in his organization with the title of full Sifu in Qigong and Taijiquan. Master Chen was as close and dear to me as a father.

Due to the influence of Master Chen, I came to realize that Everything we do is, or should be, a form of Qigong. After all, what would we possibly want to do without the conscious control of our energy? Who truly wants to unconsciously spend a portion of their finite Life-Force?

Even though my Qigong and Taijiquan credentials are from Master Chen Wei Gun, because of Master Chen's and Grandmaster Tanemura's close friendship, I teach Taijiquan and Qigong as part of Grandmaster Tanemura's Kokusai Jujutsu Renmei's Chinese Martial Arts.

In 2007, I was certified as a Level 4 (Master Level) Qigong Instructor by the National Qigong Association.

In order to enhance my knowledge of Anatomy, Traditional Chinese Medical Theory and Medical Qigong, I studied Shiatsu with Ohashi Sensei; and, in 1997, I successfully completed The Advanced Program of Ohashiatsu.



After studying parts of Yoga for 25 years, in 1998 I was again blessed to find Yogiraj Swami Bua, Maharaj of Hatha Yoga. After 3 months, I asked Swami Ji if he would teach me all of Yoga. He said yes; and more surprisingly, he said I was the first student to ever ask him that question.

Swami Bua has been an inspiration to me in all matters. He has shown me I need to have the courage of a lion, the fierceness of a tiger and the heart of a saint.

Swami Ji has given me permission to teach:

• His Hatha Yoga Routine
• His Rope Yoga
• His Hindu Wrestling Floor Exercises
• His Indian Club Exercises
• Under his guidance, I qualified for the E-500 hour   Registered Yoga Teacher Certification from the   Yoga Alliance
• In 2005, I trained in Bikram's Hot Yoga with Bill Arce   at the Y+ Yoga Center in Shanghai, China.
• In 2006, I received the Prestegious "Preferred Yoga   Teachers" Award from the Health & Yoga Site.

Thai Yoga

In 2004, I received certification in Thai Yoga Levels I & II from Jonas Westring. Thai Yoga is a powerful ancient Modality which incorporates proper bio-mechanical alignment principles and various yoga applications to enhance and balance your Internal Energy, Well-Being and increase your flexibility.


Personal Training

In 2004, I also received my Personal Training Certification from the National Academy Of Sports Medicine. Their Optimum Performance Training is an Integrated Training Program designed to enable the trainee to utilize his/her Kinetic Chain (the Kinetic Chain is composed of your Skeletal System, Nervous System and Muscular System) to its fullest potential. This is accomplished through Integrated Training; and includes

Integrated Flexibility Training, Integrated Cardiorespiratory Training, Neuromuscular Stabilization (balance), Core Stabilization, Integrated Strength Training and Reactive Neuromuscular (power) Training.

I am also certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicne as a Senior Fitness Specialist.



Having trained in and having personally used for over 30 years the principles which Joseph Pilates based his system on, I find that adding many of his exercises and equipment (especially the reformer) to my training routines is a natural expansion of my training routines. I am certified by June Kahn in Pilates Mat and Reformer.



In 2004, I started to train with Kettlebells and discovered they offered unique training exercises that were,in many cases, unique to Kettlebells. I especially like their emphasise on one arm variations of the explosive Olympic lifts and on absorbing force by using the Taijiquan concept of coiling. I am a certified Kettlebell instructor by Kettlebell Concepts.



Most importantly, all of my personal instructors believe in the Goodness that is the True Nature of a man's heart. However, they also believe it takes hard work to hone ourselves into the instrument of goodness we were born on this Earth to be.

I intend to keep their traditions alive by giving my students the knowledge they deserve, the discipline they need and the help they require. My mission and the objectives of my instructors is to give my students the tools necessary to accomplish their goals.


Very Sincerely Yours,

Gary Giamboi, Kyoshi, Shibu-Cho, Sifu, E-500 RYT, CPT


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Student & Colleague Testimonals

Sensei Gary is a kind and very knowledgable teacher. He not only understands Ninpo, but understands the small fundamentals of movement that are crucial to proper body mechanics. He has a deep understanding of not just the patterns but how to make movements real and very functionable. He is without a doubt one of the best I have seen in over 20+ years in Martial Arts. Not just Ninpo but of all Martial Arts. Thank you Sensei.
Tracy Crocker--Former Bujinkan Godan, August 2006

'Dear Giamboi Kyoshi, Thank you so much for offering your knowledge upon my trip to train with you. Both the training and hospitality was exceptional. And I very much look forward to having the opportunity again. From my heart, thank you for your help. Domo arigato gozaimashita. Sincerely, Mark Bramble'-Sandan, Bansen Shukai Dojo Dojo-Cho, August 2006

"Sensei Gary Giamboi, is truly a special person and martial arts instructor.

I actually met Sensei Giamboi on May 5, 2006. He traveled for approximately 3 hours to my home town to perform a training seminar I had requested via the Internet.

On May 6, 2006, I introduced Sensei Giamboi to seven local police defensive tactic instructors. Sensei Giamboi conducted a six hour seminar for us touching on important a reas such as: how to maintain your power zone during striking techniques and various takedowns.

I have been involved in martial arts for over twenty five years and a police defensive tactics instructor for twelve years at Polk Community College. During my martial arts career, I have met and trained with some very good instructors from various martial arts. Sensei Giamboi most definitely ranks among the top. He demonstrates a great deal of knowledge and patience when instructing his students.

I highly recommend him for any martial artist or law enforcement agency that may want to enhance their knowledge or skills.

Thanks again for sharing your knowledge."

Sgt. Gerad Hunt
Bartow Police Dept
Bartow, Fl.


"During the month of August 2006 I had an opportunity to travel with Sensei Mark Bramble to Florida and learn from Kyoshi Gary Giamboi. During my time with Kyoshi Giamboi, he observed my technique and broke it down to a fundamental level and taught nuances that can turn an experienced martial artist into an exceptional one. Kyoshi Giamboi himself is an exceptional martial artist. I would strongly advise anyone with aspirations of learning martial arts to study under him. -Adam Williamson", Shodan, Bansen Shukai Dojo

"I've known Sensei Gary Giamboi & trained with him since 1989. I consider myself lucky to have had the opportunity to train with someone with a vast knowledge and detail of the history, technique & proper body alignment with the spiritual aspect also, of any of the martial arts he teaches. Sincerely, Paul Vinberg, NY." -Sandan, Dojo-Cho (3rd Degree Black Belt)

"I know Kyoshi Giamboi for many years and have seen him training in Belgium many times using very smooth and gentle movements which are very effective and which show his experience as senior student status in Japanese and Chinese martial arts."
Filip Poffe, Renshi, Dojo-Cho--Chiryaku Dojo, Beligum

"Gary Giamboi a humble heart with great wisdom, a role model for juniors and a top class martial artist."
Brian Hodges, Renshi, Dojo-Cho--Fudoshin Dojo,Alabama

"Kyoshi Giamboi's knowledge of Ninpo, Bu Jutsu and the Chinese martial arts has much depth and training under him is very insightful. Sensei teaches in a straight forward and honest manor."
Jason Schwemmer, Sandan, Dojo-Cho--Kageshin Ongyo Dojo, Baltimore

"I have been a member of the Genbukan for over 15 years and have had the pleasure of knowing Gary, Kyoshi over that time. I have always been impressed with his dedication to learning the Arts, and the depth of his understanding. He has always been helpful in helping me learn techniques that our teacher has taught him. Gary, Kyoshi is one of the very top Genbukan teachers in the US, and I strongly recommend training with him if you have the opportunity."
Brian Young, Sandan Genbukan Kamiyo Dojo-Cho-California

"Gary is that rare type of teacher who teaches martial arts by not only showing the physical moves but the theory behind them. This makes learning self-defense interesting and hard to forget."
Lawrence Van Dyke, Esquire, Student--Harukaze Dojo, New York

"I was reading articles of Amatsu Tatara this morning and came across this article in your website, and I believe its the most simple to understand in this complex subject"
Henry Steinberg, Nidan, Dojo-Cho- Bushikai Dojo, Costa Rica

"Gary has an exceptionally deep understanding of the nature of techniques and shares this knowledge with all who would wish to learn. I found him to be a very patient and eloquent teacher that I would recommend to my friends."
Laura Martin, Sandan--Hombu Dojo, Japan

Sensei Giamboi has taught me not just martial arts but how to live healthy and spiritually. Anyone who trains with him will find a deeper meaning in life. I wish i could have train more with him because I learned so much in such a short period of time. You will not regret training in martial arts with him. Sensei take care and good luck with your new school. I hope we will meet again someday.
Phil, Student--Harukaze Dojo, NY

"I traveled over an hour through Long Island once a week to train with Sensei Gary. It was well worth it. Sensei Gary's level of expertise is unmatched. If it weren't for him moving out of New York I would have continued training with him for years to come."
Jason Wolfe, Student--Harukaze Dojo, NY

"Training under Kyoshi Giamboi was one of the most memorable experiences of my life. Having previously trained with countless dojo-cho in the tri-state area, I can honestly say that Sensei Gary's knowledge and skill are unmatched - not only as a martial artist, but as a human being. His patient and humble nature not only gave me as an individual something to aspire to, but also served as an inspiration for me to push myself to become the best I could be. He will be deeply missed. Florida has acquired a rare gem which should not be overlooked."
T.W. Durfy, Student & Kohki Dojo Dojo-Cho

"Sensei Gary is the embodiment of a true warrior. His skill and knowledge in numerous martial arts merits respect and admiration. His teaching abilities encompass a true passage of knowledge and understanding of martial skills to his students. All these qualities are even more impressive when you discover his gentle and generous spirit. I will always consider myself extremely fortunate to have been his student and to have known a true martial artist.
- Victor Tundis, Student--Harukaze Dojo, NY"

"I first met Kyoshi Gary in 1990, as he frequently traveled to California for the purpose of studying Ninpo. His dedication and commitment to this unique and beautiful art is exemplary. As a person I found Gary to be humble, honest and genuinely good hearted, a quality not often seen."
-Sam Mendelsohn, Renshi. Aoba Dojo. Irvine California.

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