Master Chen Wei Gun was an extremely talented Chinese Martial artist. He was first and foremost anextremely high level Qigong and Taijiquan practitioner.

However, some of his other skills and teachers were:

Hop Gar Gung Fu  

Hung Gar Kung Fu

Nam Quan with Master Huang Xiaoshan

Choy Li Fut Gungfu

5 forms System with Master Huang Yuwen

Cai-Li Fuo Quan with Master Chen Changmao

Xia Quan with Master Deng Zhenjiang

Lianshou Duanda and Shaohuo Gun with Master Gao Dejiang

In spite of these impressive accomplishments in the External style of Kung Fu (Gung Fu), his lifelong passion was for Qigong (Chi Gong), Taijiquan and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Sifu Chen studied these Internal Arts: Taijiquan and Qigong with Masters Li Jianquan and Huang Huaqing; Yang, Wu, Chen and Sun style Taijiquan with Fu Yonghui; Yang Style Taijiquan with Master Fu Zhongwen; Traditional Chinese Medicine and An Mor (Chinese Massage Techniques) with his maternal grandfather. Master Chen's Taijiquan (Tai Chi) skills were such that he mastered the following routines:

  Yang Style 24, 40 and   88
  Competition Short  Chen and Long Chen
  Competition Wu
  Competition Sun
  32, 42, and Wudang   Gim/Sword
  5 Star Hammer
  Kwan Dao

Master Chen studied insatiably and continuously improved both his Qigong and himself. He played a myriad of classical Chinese wind and string musical instruments and he was also a great chef.

Master Chen Wei Gun was a quite, modest man to whom integrity and honor were more important than notoriety, power and money. His art and his life inspired all who were fortunate enough to know him. His spirit truly reflected Taijiquan's principles of Wu Wei, Harmony and Balance. He remained calm and peaceful even throughout the last 2 months of his life, which he spent on his deathbed knowing he would never leave it alive.

He was truly a Master of Qigong.

Very Sincerely Yours,
Gary Giamboi, Shifu

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