Amatsu Tatara

Amatsu Tatara is an ancient system practiced by certain Shinto sects. It is a secret spiritual way of life based on the belief in the one true God of all religions. 
Ninpo Ninpo is the art of the true ninja. It is the art of a spiritual warrior. Ninjutsu is a subset of ninpo. It comprises only the physical skills necessary to survive in a hostile world. In totality, it provides perhaps the ultimate self-defense skills.  
Jujutsu Jujutsu (Jujitsu) is the ancient empty hand art of the Samurai. It was used primarily for their self-defense when they had no weapons. Its movements are generally more compact than that of Ninjutsu.    
Chinese Martial Arts Chugoku Kenpo or Chinese Martial Arts are divided into two main categories: External and Internal. Generally, the external arts trace their lineage to the Shaolin Temple and the internal arts trace theirs back to Wudang mountain.   
Qigong Qigong (Chi Gong) is the skill of using your internal energy at will. Your Internal Energy can be used to heal and maintain our well-being, to aid your Martial Art Skills or to help unlock and focus your artistic skills.

The many benefits of practicing Qigong are just now being documented here in the West... Our breath and our emotions are inexorably linked. One of the cornerstones of most Zen/Ch'an traditions is the emphasis on watching your breath all the time. This will always keep us mindful of our internal state.

Om is a word used by Hindu yogis to represent a vibration which they say pervades the entire universe. They believe this is the same sound as the one heard internally as a result of practicing yoga.
is Thee Union of Polarities. It is the ceasing of Duaita (duality). When there is no duality, only Harmony can exist.  
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: I combine the latest Western training concepts & methods as taught by the NASM and Joseph Pilates with the best time-proven secrets of Ancient India, China & Japan to help you achieve your best.  


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