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My Hindu name is Gajendranathan, which means King of the Elephants. It was bestowed upon me by my guru, Yogiraj Swami Bua Ji, M.H.Y.

I teach Traditional Yoga. My Guru is Yogiraj Swami Bua Ji, Maharaj of Hatha Yoga. In each of my classes, you will experience the many benefits of Hatha Yoga along with the more esoteric benefits of Karma, Bhakti and Jnana Yoga. Om is a word used by Hindu yogis to represent a vibration which they say pervades the entire universe. They believe this is the same sound as the one heard internally as a result of practicing yoga.

What is Yoga?

According to Swami Bua Ji, Yoga is Thee Union of Polarities. It is the ceasing of Duaita (duality).

If you find some of the terms used on this page unfamilar, please feel free to use our Yoga Glossary.

What is Hatha Yoga?

It is a scientific way of moving the different parts of the body. Its goals are to ensure a long, healthy life and self-realization by perfecting the body. This leads to and, indeed, requires the purification and liberation of one's Prana, which by definition includes the elimination of all Karmic debt.

What makes Yoga as taught by Yogiraj Swami Bua Ji unique?

Swami Bua Ji has gained untold experience and as a direct result, he has distilled down the vast universe of Hatha Yoga to all you need to achieve a state of optimum physical and energetic health.Swami Bua Ji believes in trying to obtain the optimum balance between flexibility and strength. My routines, based on all Swami Ji has taught me, will challenge your body and mind in all ways. In order to meet this challenge successfully, I will help you develop your body, mind, will power and spirit using both ancient, time tested methods and cutting edge developments.

What are the benefits of practicing Yoga regularly?

The benefits bestowed on us by a regular practice are many and varied. Yoga maintains physical, mental and emotional health. There have been many well documented scientific studies performed recently here in the West which have shown over and over again that practicing Hatha Yoga contributes to:

Increased Strength, Flexibility and Mobility
Improved Balance
Increased Bone Density
A greater understanding of how your Internal Energy (Prana, Qi, Ki)
moves in your body
The Optimalization of our Circulatory, Immune, Endocrine and
Lymphatic Systems
Reduced Stress and its many symptoms
Increased Positive Out Look on Life
Improved Self Discipline
An overall Healthier Life Style, including lessening weight problems and
eating disorders


These are just some of the many wonderful benefits that can come automatically with just the regular practice of the asanas (postures)of Hatha Yoga. You do not need to learn or practice the breathing techniques of Pranayama, the internal cleansing techniques of the Kriyas and the spiritual aspects in order for you to become healthier and stronger. However, they are recommended (especially Agni Sara or Breath of Fire) for those who wish a deeper and more traditional practice Yoga practice.


What is Pranayama?

The term Pranyama means different things to different people. To some, it means learning various forms of breathing. Others believe it is the art of controlling our internal energy. (Please see my Qigong page and my other website The Institute of Asian Arts for more information.) However, Swami Bua Ji taught me that to truly understand Pranayama, one must truly understand the essential nature of all things. Pranayama in its ultimate form is Union or Yoga.

Our classes are designed to help you travel whichever path you have chosen to achieve your goals.

How many kinds of Yoga classes do you offer?

I offer many kinds of classes. While all of them are based on the same principles, each one has its own distinct flavor and will emphasize different aspects of your body for physical improvement.

Hatha Yoga Classes offer all the benefits with its comprehensive routine.
Rope Yoga Classes enable the student to push his/her limits using their own self knowledge and feedback as their guide.
Hindu Wrestling Exercises, Indian Clubs* and Smart Calisthenics Classes offer the student a great way to improve their flexible, functional strength using their own body weight and light props.
Thai Yoga Sessions enable me to open up your Nadiis (energy channels) and increase your health and flexibility.
"Better Together" Hatha Classes utilize the assistance of a partner approved of by me to assist you in deepening your Hatha Asanas (postures).
Hot Yoga in the Bikram Style as taught to me by Bill Arce.

Note*: Indian Clubs are exercise tools that resemble bowling or juggling pins. Exercises utilizing Indian Clubs maybe the best available for increasing the strength and range of motion for your shoulders, rotator cuffs, forearms and wrist. They provide dynamic, functional strength and flexibility.


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Gary Giamboi, aka, Gajendranathan, Yogi

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Thai Yoga is a fusion of the ancient stretching techniques of India, China and Thailand. It is designed to give you a wonderful feeling of Well Being, Relaxation, Lightness and Openness. During a private session, I will stretch your body, open your body and give you passive workout. At times, you may think you are in a Yoga class where the instructor is doing all the work by placing you in the various Asanas or poses. All you have to do is Relax. There is no strength needed for Thai Yoga.

Whether you need more flexibility to accomplish your everyday tasks or you are an accomplished athlete or Yoga practioner who is looking to increase his/her functional range of motion, Thai Yoga is for you.

If your everyday life is knotting up your body or your exercise regimen is overtraining your body, Thai Yoga is for you.

Treat yourself to a Session Today. But, Be Warned! They can be addicting!


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