Jujutsu (Jujitsu) is the ancient empty hand art of the Samurai. It was used primarily for their self-defense when they had no weapons.
Its movements are generally more compact than that of Ninjutsu.

It is a large system with some ryuha (schools) being based on battlefield tactics (taking an opponent’s armor and weapons into account); while others are concerned with self-defense in the circumstances of everyday life.

True Jujutsu (Jujitsu) involves the full spectrum of empty handed self-defense:

• Atemi wasa (striking techniques)

 • Nage waza (throwing techniques)

 • Osaekomiwaza (restraining techniques)

 • Kansetsuwaza (joint locking & joint    breaking techniques)

 • Shimewaza (choking techniques)

Generally, the Samurai did not use Jujutsu for self-perfection. If they chose to pursue this goal, it was generally through the study of Kenjutsu or Iaido, the arts of the sword.

Some schools of Jujutsu have changed and have decided to make the practice of their art into the pursuit of self-perfection. This was not how the art developed and it is not how I teach it.

True Jujutsu was, and still is, down and dirty. Samurai fought to the death. However, while my School retains their fierce fighting skills; I instill in my students the concept of harmony: Never use more of anything than is necessary: Especially not excessive force and emotion.

Your anger and rage, as well as, your sense of righteousness must be under your complete control at all times. Remember, one of the surest ways to know a man's heart is to see how he wields his power. Joining my School and Studying Soke (Grandmaster) Shoto Tanemura's Jujutsu with me will provide you with:

• An extremely knowledge effective   self-defense

• The skills necessary to use this knowledge

• Improved Self-Discipline

• Improved Physical Fitness, Flexibility and
  Aerobic Capacity

• Greater ability to function calmly under stressful   conditions

• The Knowledge of how to live a Healthy Life and the    friends to help you do it.

• Knowledge of Japanese Budo
  (Martial Art Chivalry and Code of Conduct)


Very Sincerely Yours,
Gary Giamboi, Kyoshi, Shibu-Cho


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