Koryu Karate is very different from most other styles of karate. In fact, even the Kanji used to name Koryu Karate translates the word karate differently than the Kanji used by most of the other Karates. Here it means, "China Hand"; "Empty Hand," which is most commonly seen.

This Ryu (school) of Karate is a very High Level Martial Art with a very strong Chinese flavor. Its techniques come from Kijin Chosui Ryu Dakenjutsu (striking hand technique) and Tenshin Koryu Kenpo (fist method).

This art is extremely aggressive, explosive and completely devastating. Although the Techniques and Spirit of Koryu Karate are based on self-defense, they are designed to take your opponent out completely with your first response. It is the most linear of all the Martial Arts Tanemura Sensei teaches, and as such, it is a great compliment to his more circular and angular arts: Ninpo, Jujutsu, Chugoku Kenpo.

The spirit of this art drives you ever inward toward your opponent. Everything about this special art is designed to overwhelm your opponent. Even its physical structure (fighting stance) is designed to build up your Ki (you can literally feel the Qigong at work while you are in your fighting stance, so that you can respond with an unstoppable lightening-fast close range counter attack!

Just like other Chinese Martial Arts and True Qigong, Koryu Karate uses the principles of In (Yin) and Yo (Yang) to generate enormous power.

This Truly is a Very Special Martial Art.

For a detailed account of its lineage, please go to the Koryu Karate page on Tanemura Sensei's website.


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