As Your NASM Certified Personal Trainer,
Your Goals are my #1 Priority.

I will provide Everything you need to become Stronger and More Flexible while Increasing your Aerobic Capacity and Motor Skills. This will automatically alter your body's fat to muscle ratio.

You will Train in a way that you will enable you to use what you learn in your Everyday Life as well as in Competitive Events.

Using any one of or a combination of our many training modalities, we will address your physical imbalances and shortcomings, the effects of aging and any dis-information or bad habits you have acquired.

I explain how to lose weight, and how to Keep it OFF.
I train your mind as well.
Training Better is ALWAYS Better than trying harder.
The Right Outlook coupled with the Right Information will go along way to getting you where you want to be.

And of Course, as YOUR Personal Trainer, I will Support you Every Step of the Way!

  • Do I really need a Personal Training Facility that offers so Many Training   Choices?

    I don't know for sure. You need what you need. If a f acility or a personal trainer can't give you what is best for your needs, you will be wasting your time to some extent. If you are training to Compete in an athletic event, to Look Good at a Special Social Function or need to strengthen an old injury before it breaks down again, how much time can you afford to waste?

    The more quality training your Personal Trainer has had in more modalities, the better able he will be to give you Exactly What you Need Exactly When you Need it!

  • What are some of the Proven skills and tools you use to help give people exactly what they need?

    There is great detail of information on each of my pages listed at the navigation tabs above; but, in a nutshell here they are:

  • NASM Personal Training, including Medicine Ball, Stability Ball, Band &    Balance Training, Pylometrics and Body Weight Exercises
  • Yoga
  • Hindu Wrestling Exercises, Body Weight Training and Rope Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Martial Arts & Self-Defense
  • Plyometrics
  • Indian Clubs
  • Kettlebells

    As you can see, there is an excellent chance What You Need is
    Here, Now!

    I believe so strongly in my ability to Over Deliever what I Promise that All of my Classes and Sessions are backed by my Personal Guarantee:

    If you ever feel that you did not receive more value from any of my classes or sessions than you paid for, just let me know there and then and that class or session will compoletely without Charge to you (this guarantee my be invoked twice by the same person. After that, it will be obvious that there is no need for us to spend time together).

    As part of my Goal to Over Deliver Value to my clients and students, Anyone who trains Privately with me on a regularly scheduled basis is entitled to attend the same number of group classes without any additional fees.

     For a more detailed look at each of these modalities, please continue below.


  • What is the Difference between Fitness Training and Sports Training? And Which is appropriate for me?

    At very high levels of performance, there are can be major differences between Fitness Training and Sport Training. However, for most of us, the first and sometimes the only difference is one of purpose. If you want to increase your level of Fitness, Health, Wellness; to Look and Feel Better, Become Stronger, Quicker and more Flexible, then Fitness Training is for you.

    Since becoming Fitter increases our Speed, Strength and Endurance; it will improve our performance in most activities. Therefore, Fitness Training will act as Sports Training for the majority of "Weekend Warriors."

    Pursuing specific Sports Training without having the appropriate level of Fitness may not only be a waste of Time and Money, it can be a recipe for injury!

    However, if your Fitness Level is already quite high and you need to Improve Your Performance in a Particular Sport to as high a level as possible, then Sports Training, aka Athletic Training, is what you need.

    In other words, Fitness Training is more general and flexible (no pun intended). Since it is more concerned with general Biomotor Skills (Core Strength, Speed, Endurance, Power, Timing, Coordination, Balance, etc.), there is more leeway as to what types of training, intensity, scheduling and life style are appropriate. All of these factors are determined by what you want to accomplish and from what point you are starting at.

    No matter who you are, these attributes are indispensable. This makes General Fitness Training is for almost everyone.

    Sports Training is much more predetermined by the particular Sport you wish to excel at and by how great an improvement you want in a particular time frame. A swimmer needs a deferent routine than a body builder. If you want to compete in a tournament in 3 months, you will have to follow a rigid schedule. If you just want to enjoy your weekend round of golf more, your schedule/routine will resemble a general fitness program with added specificity for Golf.

  • What is Pilates?

    Joseph Pilates, the system's founder, was a student, practitioner and teacher of Yoga. He eventually became involved in the rehabilitation of people with injuries, especially dancers. To achieve his goals as safely and as quickly as possible, he developed training apparatus which would use the Yoga principles he knew so well.

    The result is the unique system of Mind-Body Exercises known today as Pilates. Its purpose is to bestow Flexible Strength, Long Lean Muscles and Better Posture on those who practice regularly.

  • How does Personal Training in Pilates achieve its Wonderful Results?

    By teaching you how to: >

  • Move from your Center
  • Keep your shoulders and pelvic region stabilized and connected to your    core
  • To use your breath to assist your actions.

    Pilates also emphasizes the Quality of your movement more than the quantity or power of your movement. This helps insure that only the proper muscles will be used to perform a given exercise.

  • Specifically, what can Pilates do for Me?

    Practically, Whatever You Want!

    By working with a Personal Trainer, your workout on our Pilates Reformer will be Customized to address your particular goals.

    You will systematically increase your

  • Aerobic Capacity
  • Muscular Strength
  • Endurance
  • Improve your Standing, Bending and Squatting    Postures
  • You will lose fat, gain muscle and appear Longer and Leaner!


    The ability to customize the exercises makes the Pilates Reformer the Perfect Tool to help improve the specific actions inherent in many sports, such as Golf and Tennis. Pilates can also correct the imbalances caused by the repetitive nature of many others, such as running, swimming and bike riding. This reduces the possiblility of injury while improving performance.

    A Pilates Workout truly deserves all of it's Hype and More!


  • What is different about your Weight Loss and Weight Management     Programs?

    As an experienced Personal Trainer, I understand how Truly Difficult it is to
    Change your Life in Order to Lose Weight.

    Everyone has their own Unique set of Obstacles to Overcome.

    That's why I will Design a Unique Program just For You.

    I will Educate, Train and Support You All Along the Way

    Together we have the Heart, the Desire and the Tools to get you where you need to be.

    Revolutionary New Diet Plan Based on
    Common Sense!


    Did I get your attention? Great!

    If you are hoping I'll say you can eat what you want, as much as you want, when you want, well.....

                        Unfortunately, it won't happen.

    However, as an Experienced Personal Trainer and Coach, I do have a much Better way.

    In Fact, The Only Guaranteed Way for you to Attain & Keep the weight you want is:

    For You to constantly make the eating and life style choices that will support your Realistic** desired weight and size.

    The closer you follow this Maxim, the Easier it will be.
    I know it may sound impossible.
    But, by the time you finish reading this webpage, I promise it will seem much easier.

    If you follow just some of ideas and concepts I outline here,
    You will get to See & Feel the Positive Results.
    You may then decide You will Never, Ever live any other way!

    That's when it becomes Easy.

    A Personal Trainer's most difficult tasks are to prove to you that:

    1) The Past is Past. You are no longer that person.

    2) No Matter what the scale says Today, you can do it.

    3) Regardless of how badly you fared today, you are still doing fine. One day or even one week "Off the Wagon' will not change the final outcome as long as you keep keep moving forward down your chosen path.

    It is the overall Direction that counts. Not the Speed.

    In theory, losing weight is a simple process. It only requires you to burn more calories than you consume. To burn your calories with accuracy and consistency we need to plan your daily activities around your Likes, your Abilities, your Goals and your Needs.

    Eventually, we will need to look at our Activity Planner :

    to get an Idea of some of the things we may need to do to achieve our Goals!

      Ok-- Now for some Numbers!

    Let's assume you want to lose 10 lbs. of fat in 10 weeks..

    Not 10 lbs. which consists of a combination of water, gylcogen, muscle and fat. But, 10 lbs. of 100% fat.

    To do this you must burn 35,000 calories more than you consume. (Not just Eat.... because drinking calories count.)

    Now before you freak out at the number 35,000, let's break it down into manageable pieces.

    First, let's divide it in half and assume you will consume 17,500 calories less and burn 17,500 calories more. Next, we'll divide 17,500 by the number of days, 70, and end up with a goal of eating only 250 calories less each day and burning an additional 250 calories a day in any combination of activities we choose.

    How does that sound? Not so formidable, Right? In fact, almost too easy! Maybe I just talked myself out a possible client!

    However, before you write me (or any trainer/coach) off, perhaps you should read the rest of this page.

    The American Dietetic Association says that 95% of All Dieters eventually return to their same initial weight.

    So what is missing from my calculations? What else do I need to figure into the equations?

    Only You!

  • What does this mean?

    Let's face it: Except for a few unfortunate people with rare metabolic disorders, each and everyone of us is the Only reason we are not at the weight and size we really wish for.

    That's where I (or any trainer/coach) come in and help you.

    I sit down with you and help you to talk things over with yourself.
    Unless you realize and agree that you must sacrifice something now to get what you want at a later date, nothing will change.

    One of my favorite sayings is an ancient Chinese proverb:

    "If you don't change the path you are taking, you will probably end up where you are headed."

    You can change your path by having a doctor wire your jaw shut or remove part of your stomach and intestines.
    In my humble opinion, for most normal people, this is as wrong as it sounds when you read it in plain English.

    That leaves only one way:

    You need to change.


    Lasting change can come in only one way:

  • You adjust your values so that the medium range goal of looking and feeling better out weighs (that's right) the immediate gratification of eating or not exerting yourself now.

    This is the tricky part, the part that is as much of an Art as science. Everyone responds differently to different stimuli. Some of us only need more and/or better information to change while others need stronger measures. For some, it maybe vanity; others fear. However, I feel the best way is to use whatever means it takes to get you to achieve at least some of your goals. Then the good feelings that come with looking and feeling better will hopefully take over. They usually do up to a certain point. Then something happens and they lose their importance once again to immediate gratification.

    The piece that is missing for long term success is....... Wellness.

    Wellness is an elusive concept and I will not try to limit it just to make my point. Let's just agree that in order to be completely Well, we must never do anything that would be detrimental to ourselves and our values (this presupposes that our values have evolved to the point where they are in our best long term interests). Obviously except for the saints who are reading this, we all possess varying amounts of Wellness.

    Part of my mission is to make you aware of the how much easier it is in the intermediate and long run to support all of your lifestyle changes with your personal values and give you the tools you need to bring the all of them into sync.

    There is another option.

    A Good Personal Trainer!

    One that will not Judge you. He/She should Inform and Motivate you.

    However,, after you digest (I did it again) all these facts, you may still decide that losing weight is more trouble than it is worth. If this decision is based upon what you TRULY what most and not just the easiest path, that's OK for you.

    That Still Leaves Another Healthy Option.

    You can decide to accept your weight as it is and concentrate on becoming Fitter and Healthier.

    Afterall, Wellness is not inherently related to how we look. It is related to how we judge our looks and how we react to that judgement.

    Besides, in my experience, if you chose this option, you will lose weight, gain muscle and become fitter anyway.

    Let me finish this topic by summing up my talk in another way:

    Our Body and its Health is our most Precious physical/material possession.

    True and Complete Wellness goes beyond this. To be All that we can be we must possess a Bright, Intense Spirit and Goodness. In my humble Opinion, it is almost impossible to be truly Good only to one's self. If your desires rule your actions and make your choices for you, they will also surely harm you to fulfill their goals!

    Therefore, to Truly be Well, we must be at Peace with ourselves. It is not really difficult.
    How can accepting ourselves be something other than natural?
    We are really all we have!

    All that I teach are Holistic in nature: Yoga, Pilates, Meditation, Qigong, Pranayama, Martial Arts, even the Fitness Programs are all about internal alchemy- purifying and preserving the health and energy you have while increasing your supply. This will enhance your present condition and performance, while helping to ensure you will enjoy a longer, healthier, more active lifestyle in the future..

    All of these Arts & Sciences will Help Improve All that is You.

    The fusion of all of this knowledge can take you closer to your goals than ever before. All that needs to happen is for you to take that first, NO-RISK step .

    Together we can make an assessment of your goals and which skills and attributes you need to attain them.

    Together we can surely accomplish your hearts' desire..... your success!

    Now Let's Get To Work!

    Gary Giamboi

    Note: ** Realistic: It is generally accepted that Everyone's body functions slightly differently. There is a Normal range our metabolism works in. Some people can just naturally eat more than others and still not gain weight.

    However, there is also a normal range for our psyche to work in. Some of us need more physical sense related satisfaction than others. If we can not change this level in ourselves, we must live with it and set our goals where our psyche requires it to be. We will never be happy any other way.

    Therefore, we must not set ourselves up for failure. We are all forced to accept "The Best We Can Do."


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