Genbukan/KJJR/Amatsu Tatara Official Homepage:
Soke Tanemura's Genbukan World Ninpo Bugei Federation/Kokusai Jujutsu Renmei/Amatsu Tatara Homepage. This site contains a huge amount of information on Soke and his organizations.

Tokyo Shibu Dojo: Ron Tosen Shihan's site is filled with a myriad of historical, as well as, practical information about the Genbukan, Ninpo, Japanese Warfare and his Dojo. His site is as unique as he is. It reflects his dedication, passion, knowledge and skill.

Kageshin Dojo: Dojo-Cho Robert Stevens has been my personal student since 2001. He has studied ninpo/ninjutsu for over 20 years; and, his high skill level is a reflection of his dedication. He has several student instructors under him with rank as high as Sandan. He has five locations in West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland and Delaware.

Kokhi Dojo: Dojo-Cho T.W.Durfy has been my personal student since 2002. He is a good ninpo martial artist and a good instructor. His dojo is the only active full time genbukan Dojo in the Greater New York Metropolitan Area.

Chiryaku Dojo: Dojo-Cho Renshi Filip Poffe has been a good friend and a dedicated member of the Genbukan for many years. His Knowledge of Sensei Tanemura's systems is inspiring and are matched by his abilities. His Beligum dojo teaches one of the most complete Genbukan & KJJR syllabuses outside of Japan.  

Futen Dojo: Kyoshi Michael Coleman is Soke's most senior student in the United States and it is quite obvious when you watch him move. He is a true Kyoshi and Shibu-Cho. He has produced many good blackbelts.

Bushikai Dojo: Sensei Henry Steinberg is a very knowledgeable Sensei and a great guy. His dojo is located in the middle of paradise.

Niji Nohashi Dojo: Sensei Ismael Rodriguez" s new Dojo located in near Raliegh-Duram airport in North Carolina.

Tenzan Dojo: My long time friend, Kyoshi Marc Coppen's has been a Belgian police officer for many years and shares his awesome practical street-wise knowledge when he teaches.

Fudoshin Dojo: Another long time friend and occasional training partner, Renshi Brian Hodge is a very knowledgeable Ninpo instructor who trains with an amazing amount of Ki!

Tsukiyono Dojo:Sensei Thorsten Ritz is a very dedicated member of the Genbukan. His students are fortunate to have him as their Sensei.

Sanzen Tara Dojo: A good friend and a true Celtic Warrior, Kyoshi Martin O'Raghaillaigh is an authority on Amatus Tatara and Celtic traditions.

Figo Honbu Dojo: Also good friend and a true Celtic Warrior, Renshi Brian Duffy is an authority on Celtic traditions.

Sekiei Dojo N.S.W. Inc: Sensei Roy Wilkins is an accomplished martial artist and a true student of ninpo.

Takao Shibu Belgium & Holland: Guy Aerts, Kyoshi is the most senior Genbukan student living outside of Japan. He is a long time good friend of mine, a great instructor and nice guy!

Mugen Dojo: Troy Wideman, Kyoshi is also a long time good friend. It doesn't get any more real than training under him! Contact him in Canada at 519-574-5596.


Reibo - In memory of the Bell

 Jinbo SanyaThis is my favorite Shakuhachi piece  and it is performed by my good friend and long time  Shakuhachi Instructor, Ronnie Nyogetsu Seldin. This piece is played on a 1.9 Shakuhachi and may be found on the CD Reibo-In memory of the Bell. He is the only western Shakuhachi player awarded the rank of Koku-An Dai-Shihan (Grand Master's license at the level of Kyu-Dan, or 9th level). As you may have guessed, Ronnie Nyogetsu Seldin is one of the World Class Instructors I have been blessed with.


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"Life is Right in Any Case.": The Personal Blog of The Dharma Warrior, aka, Gary Giamboi

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