Qigong 1 DVD: is an excellent teaching DVD which systematically details a complete standing Qigong routine from start to finish. This routine emphasizes correct physical structure which will optimize the flow of Qi throughout the body. This routine will strengthen the body, open up the joints and increase your concentration. The length of the routine will vary depending upon how long each individaul posture is held. Running time: 24:-- mimutes  



Qigong Warm-Up DVD This DVD contains the exact whole body warm-up routine I developed for Martial Arts over my 40 years of experience in Japanese, Chinese, Filipino and Korean Arts. It is so good that I use it as a warm-up before all kinds of activites from strength training to golf to tennis.It contains a lot of what the Chinese call Muscle and Tendon Changing actions, as well as, some silk reeling exercises. Running time is 37:-- minutes


Chinese Martial Arts


Simplied Yang Style 24 Taijiquan Routine (Tai Chi) DVD: This DVD contains is the basic Taijiquan (Tai Chi) form which is usually taught to beginners. However, most people do not realize that the Art of Taijiquan is in the person, not in the form. In this DVD, I teach the Principles of Tai Chi and how to apply them so you can raise up the level of your Taijiquan regardless of what form you practice.


Relaxation CD


Relaxation CD: This CD contains two Truly Wonderfully Fffective body point by body point guided relaxation routines: one is 67 points and takes about 6-7 minutes to complete and the other is 41 points and takes aboutn 4-5 minutes to complete. Once this process is learned, it is possible to relax your whole body or just one point anytime, anywhere 



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