Gary Giamboi Kyoshi

at the Genbukan Harukaze Dojo

Offers private & semi-private lessons at his Lake Worth, FL location and via Zoom.


Sean Frye Sensei

at the Genbukan Hisho Dojo

Regular sessions occur on Sundays from 2-3:30PM, and Thursdays from 7:30-9PM. Private sessions are also available, scheduled at your convenience.


Philip Bramucci

at the Genbukan Bushido Dojo

Please contact us for our current location and to schedule a personal introduction and first observation session.


William Wallingford Sr. Sensei

at the Genbukan Wakaba Dojo

Offers private & semi-private lessons


Michael Malloy Sensei

at the Genbukan Kusagakure Dojo

Regular sessions occur on Saturdays from 11AM to 1230PM, Thursdays from 6PM to 730PM at his at his Dundalk, MD location. He also offers private & semi-private lessons.




Gary Giamboi Kyoshi

“Sensei Gary Giamboi, is truly a special person and martial arts instructor.

I actually met Sensei Giamboi on May 5, 2006. He traveled for approximately 3 hours to my home town to perform a training seminar I had requested via the Internet.
On May 6, 2006, I introduced Sensei Giamboi to seven local police defensive tactic instructors. Sensei Giamboi conducted a six hour seminar for us touching on important a reas such as: how to maintain your power zone during striking techniques and various takedowns.

I have been involved in martial arts for over twenty five years and a police defensive tactics instructor for twelve years at Polk Community College. During my martial arts career, I have met and trained with some very good instructors from various martial arts. Sensei Giamboi most definitely ranks among the top. He demonstrates a great deal of knowledge and patience when instructing his students.

I highly recommend him for any martial artist or law enforcement agency that may want to enhance their knowledge or skills.
Thanks again for sharing your knowledge.”

Sgt. Gerad Hunt Bartow Police Dept Bartow, Fl.

“I’ve known Sensei Gary Giamboi & trained with him since 1989. I consider myself lucky to have had the opportunity to train with someone with a vast knowledge and detail of the history, technique & proper body alignment with the spiritual aspect also, of any of the martial arts he teaches. Sincerely, Paul Vinberg, NY.” -Sandan, Dojo-Cho (3rd Degree Black Belt)
“I know Kyoshi Giamboi for many years and have seen him training in Belgium many times using very smooth and gentle movements which are very effective and which show his experience as senior student status in Japanese and Chinese martial arts.”

Filip Poffe, Renshi, Dojo-Cho–Chiryaku Dojo, Beligum

“I have been a member of the Genbukan for over 15 years and have had the pleasure of knowing Gary, Kyoshi over that time. I have always been impressed with his dedication to learning the Arts, and the depth of his understanding. He has always been helpful in helping me learn techniques that our teacher has taught him. Gary, Kyoshi is one of the very top Genbukan teachers in the US, and I strongly recommend training with him if you have the opportunity.”

Brian Young, Sandan Genbukan Kamiyo Dojo-Cho-California

“Gary is that rare type of teacher who teaches martial arts by not only showing the physical moves but the theory behind them. This makes learning self-defense interesting and hard to forget.”

Lawrence Van Dyke, Esquire, Student–Harukaze Dojo, New York

“I was reading articles of Amatsu Tatara this morning and came across this article in this website, and I believe it’s the most simple to understand in this complex subject”

Henry Steinberg, Renshi, Dojo-Cho- Bushikai Dojo, Costa Rica

“Gary has an exceptionally deep understanding of the nature of techniques and shares this knowledge with all who would wish to learn. I found him to be a very patient and eloquent teacher that I would recommend to my friends.”

Laura Nakano, Renshi Kijin Dojo, UK Dojo-Cho

Sensei Giamboi has taught me not just martial arts but how to live healthy and spiritually. Anyone who trains with him will find a deeper meaning in life. I wish i could have train more with him because I learned so much in such a short period of time. You will not regret training in martial arts with him. Sensei take care and good luck with your new school. I hope we will meet again someday.

Phil, Student–Harukaze Dojo, NY

“I traveled over an hour through Long Island once a week to train with Sensei Gary. It was well worth it. Sensei Gary’s level of expertise is unmatched. If it weren’t for him moving out of New York I would have continued training with him for years to come.”

Jason Wolfe, Student–Harukaze Dojo, NY

“Training under Kyoshi Giamboi was one of the most memorable experiences of my life. Having previously trained with countless dojo-cho in the tri-state area, I can honestly say that Sensei Gary’s knowledge and skill are unmatched – not only as a martial artist, but as a human being. His patient and humble nature not only gave me as an individual something to aspire to, but also served as an inspiration for me to push myself to become the best I could be. He will be deeply missed. Florida has acquired a rare gem which should not be overlooked.”

T.W. Durfy, NASM Personal Trainer

“Sensei Gary is the embodiment of a true warrior. His skill and knowledge in numerous martial arts merits respect and admiration. His teaching abilities encompass a true passage of knowledge and understanding of martial skills to his students. All these qualities are even more impressive when you discover his gentle and generous spirit. I will always consider myself extremely fortunate to have been his student and to have known a true martial artist.

Victor Tundis, Student–Harukaze Dojo, NY

“I first met Kyoshi Gary in 1990, as he frequently traveled to California for the purpose of studying Ninpo. His dedication and commitment to this unique and beautiful art is exemplary. As a person I found Gary to be humble, honest and genuinely good hearted, a quality not often seen.”

Sam Mendelsohn, Kyoshi, Aoba Dojo. Irvine California.
Philip Bramucci Sensei

Coach Bramucci is a great coach and mentor. He will always push you to be tougher mentally and physically. As a Sensei, he cares a lot about his students as well as the small details in every technique he teaches.

Carlos L.

As a Nurse Practitioner afflicted by chronic autoimmune/allergic disease, I cannot stress how important it is for one to have an herbalist to work with in order to achieve optimal health. Philip (specifically the consultations and follow ups) helped me to understand another paradigm of treatment for my disorder(s), and the carefully and individually-tailored regimen has been extremely beneficial to my health. I have seen a reduction in flares from my disease, and this has even enabled me to simplify my medication regiment! I highly recommend Philip as a go-to, not only for preventative health but also for the co-management of chronic illness.

Erica P.

Coach Bramucci is by far one of the most inspirational coaches I’ve ever met thus far. Whenever he enters a room, he just brings such a positive energy. Coach Bramucci is the kind of coach that will bring out the best in you. He makes you dig deep so that you push yourself past your limits and in the end, you feel satisfied because you did it all by yourself. Coach just made you believe that you could do it. He will always believe in you even when you don’t believe in yourself. Coach Bramucci is just a great coach all around because he really loves all of us as if we were his own. He doesn’t show favoritism. Coach treats everyone the same because he sees potential in all of us and is determined to bring it out of us.

Destiny B.

I’m a private student of Sensei Philip and I feel really fortunate to have met him. I’ve taken other martial arts and I was extremely skeptical about this one. I could tell after one lesson that Sensei (Philip) has a special understanding of body mechanics. I can definitely see how wrestling has an influence on his interpretation of the arts. And I can say with certainty that within 2 feet is not where I would want to be in a conflict with him. Luckily, I don’t think conflict with him is possible.

Chad L.

Coach Philip is the type of person to push you when nobody else does. He is a leader that will not just show you what to do, but he’ll do it with you until you understand. He helps push me to places I thought I would never reach. I wouldn’t want a different coach.

Noah D.

Coach Bramucci’s passion and persistence flow into everything that he does. His hardworking personality is contagious and it will make you strive for the best. The most important thing he taught me was tremendous will power.

Joe N.
William Wallingford Sr. Sensei

Eight years ago, my kids started at Wakaba Dojo with Sensei Bill. While there, Sensei suggested for me to join the adult class. I began learning martial arts with him and it helped change my life; from the ins and outs of a daily routine to an all around mood enhancer. Sensei is the most caring, giving, understanding and patient teacher. He is full of information for many questions you may have. I highly recommend Sensei Bill to you as your martial arts trainer to show you a new world.

Stephen K

I have a background in Martial Arts. I studied Judo as a child and young adult. I took a 10-year break from martial arts after my Sensei retired. Once my son started taking martial arts from Sensei Wallingford, I got the itch to do it again myself. Sensei welcomed me with open arms to his dojo, embraced my past training (which is rare in many dojos) and built on my skills. Even though I had several years of martial arts background I never felt safe to walk alone at night, never sure that I could take out a bad guy if I had to. Judo is a sport and is taught like a sport. While there are some aspects of self-defense, not enough to make me feel confident. After about a year of training with Sensei Wallingford, I was confident that I could take out the bad guy if I had to. I knew what I had learned with Sensei Wallingford if push came to shove, I was going home. Then I decided I wanted to start competing in Judo again. This involved me losing some weight and strength training. Sensei Wallingford helped me achieve all my goals in this aspect;so much so that I started teaching Judo to children and running my own Women’s Self Defense class, made for women taught by women. Without Sensei Wallingford to teach me and hone my skills I never would have been so successful in my goals. So many martial arts schools and dojos are now a corporate entity with rules and politics. It is rare to find a small independently owned dojo these days and with Sensei’s that have a lifelong love of their art. Sensei Wallingford’s dojo is the hometown dojo I had been looking for. I look to Sensei Wallingford for advice and guidance. I am proud to say that Sensei Wallingford is my Sensei and would recommend him to anyone that is thinking about joining martial arts.

Michelle F.

My son Ben was about 6 years old when he started taking classes from Sensei Bill Wallingford. Ben was a shy child, a bit reserved, and struggled in school due to a learning disability. We were unsure how he would do in Martial Arts because of how timid he was. After about a month of classes, Ben started to come out of his shell, not be so shy and really started to gain self-confidence. He looked forward to going to class and would rush home to show us what he had learned. As time went on and Ben grew in martial arts and started to promote to new belts; his self -confidence grew tremendously. He was no longer shy or timid. He loves working with Sensei Wallingford and looks up to him as a mentor. Now 10 years later, he still considers Sensei Wallingford a great mentor and teacher. Sensei Wallingford has become family. Ben looks to him for guidance in life and has the upmost respect for him. Ben is now a good student with better focus and determination. He will graduate high school next year and it is no doubt in my mind that he will be successful in which ever path he chooses, because now he knows he is strong and can handle whatever life throws at him, thanks to his martial arts training and Sensei Wallingford. I would recommend Sensei Wallingford to anyone that is thinking about signing their child up for Martial Arts.

Ben’s Mom