Gary Giamboi Kyoshi

Gary Giamboi Kyoshi

I am one of Tanemura Soke’s personal students. I started my Martial path in 1969. In 1988, I met and began to study Ninpo, Jujutsu and Qigong with Shoto Tanemura Soke. From 1992 to 1995, with Soke’s direct permission, I studied under Ron Tosen Shihan (Master) and Shibu-cho (Regional Director) of the Genbukan Tokyo Shibu Dojo until my Sandan (3rd degree Blackbelt) in Ninpo Taijutsu. And just as Soke intended, Ron Shihan was extremely influential in my development.

My years with Tanemura Soke have been filled with wonder, learning and growth. Without his guidance, I would not be the person I am today. He has trained my heart and mind, as well as, my body. He has shown me how to be a better human being, as well as, a much better Martial Artist.

I have received the following titles and certificates from Tanemura Soke:

  • Kyoshi (Teaching Master)
  • Shibu-cho (Regional Director)
  • Nanadan (7th Degree Black Belt) GWNBF Ninpo Taijutsu
  • Nanadan (7th Degree Black Belt) KJJR Jujutsu
  • Asayama Ichiden Ryu Taijutsu Menkyo Waza (equivalent to 9th Dan)
  • Gyokko Ryu Kosshi Jutsu Shoden Menkyo
  • Gikan Ryu Koppo Jutsu Shoden Menkyo
  • Shinden Fudo Ryu Ju-Taijutsu Shoden Menkyo
  • Shinden Tatara Ryu Daken Taijutsu Shoden Menkyo
  • Koto Ryu Koppo Jutsu Shoden Menkyo
  • Kijin Chosui Ryu Daken Taijutsu Shoden Menkyo
  • Daito Ryu Jujutsu Shoden Menkyo
  • Mugen Shinto Ryu Iaijutsu Shoden Menkyo
  • Takagi Yoshin Ryu Jujutsu Shoden Menkyo
  • Naginata Jutsu Shoden Menkyo
  • 2nd Kyu (Teaching Certificate) Chugoku Kenpo
  • Biken-jutsu (Secret Sword Fighting Techniques) Chuden
  • Bo-jutsu (6ft & 3ft Staff Techniques) Chuden Menkyo level

You can read about my experiences as Tanemura Soke’s personal student in my book Riding the Tiger’s Tail which is available on Amazon.

Qigong & Chinese Martial Arts

In 1991, I was extremely fortunate to have received permission from Tanemura Sensei to Study Chinese Martial Arts. I was accepted as a student by the late Master Chen Wei Gun in Qigong and the Chinese Internal Martial Art of Taijiquan.

I am Master Chen’s most senior student and second highest ranked in his organization with the title of full Sifu in Qigong and Taijiquan. Master Chen was as close and dear to me as a father.

Due to the influence of Master Chen, I came to realize that Everything we do is, or should be, a form of Qigong. After all, what would we possibly want to do without the conscious control of our energy? Who truly wants to unconsciously spend a portion of their finite Life-Force?

Even though my Qigong and Taijiquan credentials are from Master Chen Wei Gun, because of Master Chen’s and Grandmaster Tanemura’s close friendship, I teach them as part of Tanemura Soke’s Kokusai Jujutsu Renmei’s Chinese Martial Arts.

In 2007, I was certified as a Level 4 (Master Level) Qigong Instructor by the National Qigong Association.

In order to enhance my knowledge of Anatomy, Traditional Chinese Medical Theory and Medical Qigong, I studied Shiatsu with Ohashi Sensei; and, in 1997, I successfully completed The Advanced Program of Ohashiatsu.


After studying parts of Yoga for 25 years, in 1998 I was again blessed to find Yogiraj Swami Bua, Maharaj of Hatha Yoga. After 3 months, I asked Swami Ji if he would teach me all of Yoga. He said yes; and more surprisingly, he said I was the first student to ever ask him that question.

Swami Bua Ji has been an inspiration to me in all matters. He has shown me I need to have the courage of a lion, the fierceness of a tiger and the heart of a saint.

He has given me permission to teach:

  • Hatha Yoga
  • Rope Yoga
  • Kriyas
  • Bandas
  • Pranayama
  • Hindu Wrestling Exercises

Thai Yoga

In 2004, I received certification in Thai Yoga Levels I & II from Jonas Westring. Thai Yoga is a powerful ancient modality which incorporates proper bio-mechanical alignment principles and various yoga applications to enhance and balance your Internal Energy, Well-Being and increase your flexibility.

Personal Training

In 2004, I also received my Personal Training Certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Their Optimum Performance Training is an Integrated Training Program designed to enable the trainee to utilize his/her Kinetic Chain (the Kinetic Chain is composed of your Skeletal System, Nervous System and Muscular System) to its fullest potential.

This is accomplished through Integrated Training; and includes Integrated Flexibility Training, Integrated Cardiorespiratory Training, Neuromuscular Stabilization (balance), Core Stabilization, Integrated Strength Training and Reactive Neuromuscular (power) Training.

I am also certified by the NASM as a Senior Fitness Specialist.


Having trained in and having personally used for over 30 years the principles which Joseph Pilates based his system on, I find that adding many of his exercises and equipment (especially the reformer) to my training routines is a natural expansion of my training routines. I was certified by June Kahn in Pilates Mat and Reformer.


In 2004, I started to train with Kettlebells and discovered they offered training exercises that were unique to Kettlebells. I especially like their emphasis on one arm variations of the explosive Olympic lifts and on absorbing force by using the Taijiquan concept of coiling. I am a certified Kettlebell instructor by Kettlebell Concepts.

Kuan Yin - Goddess of Mercy
Kuan Yin – Goddess of Mercy

Most importantly, all of my personal instructors believe in the Goodness that is the True Nature of a man’s heart.

However, they also believe it takes hard work to hone ourselves into the instrument for goodness we were born on this Earth to be.

I intend to keep their traditions alive by giving my students the knowledge they deserve, the discipline they need and the help they require. My mission and the objectives of my instructors is to give my students the tools necessary to accomplish their goals.

Very Sincerely Yours,
Gary Giamboi, Kyoshi, Shibu-Cho, Sifu, E-500 RYT, CPT